My movie review: It's not the the most intelligent movie ever made, but it has a genuine sense of humor and an endearing story about mothers and life in general..

I love this one. It's a delight watching this movie. I'm still enchanted my the rich-colored and mouthwatering pies. I have a thing for pies. The actors.. not one bad performance, even the small parts. The characters are very engaging and interesting. Even the bad guy in the end, you wouldn't mind sympathizing with him. At the very least, the movie is simple yet very heartwarming. It's an obvious labor of love from all that was involved in making the film. I couldn't help but love it.

R.I.P. Adrienne Shelly
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angkit said...

that girl's dead? the one on the poster? you sure? she played august rush's mom right? it was her! is she dead?

Febbe said...

nope. ang director na. someone robbed her apartment nya gihapit syag patay. so sad..