We might all know Jesse McCartney as this teenybopper singer whose fan base are in the age range of 11 to 15 year olds. This movie proved us that we are maybe wrong. He can do more.

At the end of the movie I wasn't disappointed at all and I expected to be. I thought its just another one of those movies that's trying to say something but ended up not quite clear about it. But boy I was surprised, to say the least, of the goodness of this film. Overall, I liked it. I also like the indie movie feel of it. But then again, that's my kind of movies.

It's not the greatest film ever made but at least it showed promise.
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honey said...

have not seen this one yet..


angkit said...

never seen any of these...maybe you could show marathon one day? XD

Febbe said...

sure! giingnan taka tan-aw ta atong pride and prejudice with a twist. i think maganahan ka ato. mr. darcy was very dashing, of course. LoL!