The Go-Getter

One day, this guy (Lou Taylor Pucci) stole a car in a parking lot so he can look for his brother to tell him that their mother just recently died. We then follow him on his road trip where he met a girl (Jena Malone) and he started sharing his road experiences to the owner of the car (Zooey Deschanel) through the phone she left in the car the day it was stolen.

My movie review: I do think that it is unoriginal (I saw other movies with the same plot) but the strength of the movie is the performances. Jena Malone shines as the sexy manipulator. Zooey also showed tremendous talent as she played a character totally different from her usual roles on her previous movies. Lou Pucci was very charming for the role. The actors made it forgivable from its lack of originality.
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