Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu

I received an e-mail today that Nuffnang is coming over the Queen City of the South. It got me thinking what I would offer the Nuffnang staff when they ask me to be their official tour guide. I will definitely say, Yes!

I would fetch the gang at the Mactan International Airport and then head up north to one of the best beaches in town. Sunbathe in the warm heat of the sun, drink cold mango shake and just lounge and catch reading your favorite book.

Relish the moment. Reassess priorities and decide to live here instead! :P

White sandy beaches.
Luxurious resorts.

Let's then head out to Sutukil for some seafood indulgence.

Photos by bingbing. :)

Photos by bingbing. :)

Sutukil is a local coined term for Sugba or Grilled which could be fish or meat, Tula is soup and Kilaw or ceviche or raw fish cooked in vinegar. Cebu is not only known for it's alluring beaches also for fresh bounties from the sea. What more can you ask for? The day wouldn't be over without heading to the formidable Mango Square for some unwinding session with booze and unending talks about things random.

Nuffnang, let's do this! :)

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