Paris and New York, I ♥ U!

These are two of the movies I'm completely in love with. Made by the same producers, I think. Not to mention its a star-studded cast and crew with the likes of Natalie Portman (who appeared on both and directed one for New York I Love You), also, there was.. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gaspard Ulliel, Elijah Wood, Shia LaBeouf, Orlando Bloom, and loads more! And I mean loads! Saw this a while back and should have written a movie review. Good thing I waited for NY.

First one released was the french version, Paris Je T'aime (Paris, I Love You) I was completely smitten of the different short stories that may or may not be related to the other. I can't be sure. All I know is that I fall deeper and deeper for Paris. Such beautiful city. (Someday...) Anywho! I love each one of the shorts.

Same with New York, I Love You. Although I have some reservations for the American version, 'coz you know them Americans! Lol! Well anyway, I think the stories they came up with are superb as well. They're big on WTF-moments which I think is a good thing. The bit with the wheelchair girl was my favorite. It was just so funny. Olivia Thirlby is awesome. She's easily becoming one of my fave actors.

Personal Note: I'm such a sucker for love stories set in Paris or New Nork. I feel like I now know every bustling streets of Paris and every corner of Central Park in New York. Feeler kaayo no? Haha But someday... seriously and sincerely... I'll explore every taste and smell and feel of those cities.
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