Eiga Sai 2011 – The 13th Japanese Film Festival

The 13th Japanese Film Festival - Cebu
Eiga Sai 2011
August 2-7, 2011
Cinema 4, Ayala Center Cebu

Admission is free.

The 13th Japanese Film Festival Cebu screening schedule:

AUGUST 2 (Tuesday)

7:00 PM - The Chef of South Polar (125 mins)

AUGUST 3 (Wednesday)
7:00 PM - Climber’s High (145 mins)

AUGUST 4 (Thursday)
7:00 PM - Yunagi City, Sakura Country (118 mins)

AUGUST 5 (Friday)
7:00 PM - Villon’s Wife (114 mins)

AUGUST 6 (Saturday)
1:30 PM - The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones (139 mins)
4:30 PM - Summer Days with Coo (1:38 mins) 
7:30 PM - One Million Yen Girl (121 mins)

AUGUST 7 (Sunday)
1:30 PM - Your Friend (125 mins)
4:30 PM - Summer Days with Coo (1:38 mins) 
7:30 PM - Feel the Wind (133 mins)
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Cindy said...

hi, i would like to do a cover of your event on a local newspaper. this is for my journalism class requirement. would it be alright if i interview one of your representatives so that i can write an advance news write up for this event? thanks.

Jason said...

This is relevant to my interest. Great blog you have! Very well ahead of schedule from the event. That's consistency and effectiveness in one!

Anonymous said...

why is it that they don't show Departures here in cebu? but only in davao and manila? this is disappointing.