We have developed an obsession for Rupert Friend  after seeing almost all his movies. He's such a hottie. How did Keira scored this guy again?! Haha Anyways, the movie.

Pretty bland and I didn't like the ending but it's worth a watch. Set in France in the years before World War I, it's about a wealthy courtesan who falls in love with the son of another wealthy courtesan, a young man with apparently few redeeming features to his character. How this'll turn out. I'll leave it to ya'll to find out.

My movie review: It was well made and well acted but I feel I'm missing something. It has a quirky feel in it though. I like quirky.
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I was born in Toledo City but moved to Lapu-Lapu City at a very young age. Grew up, attended school and now, still lives there. She loves movies and saw a little too many. She also watches a lot of crappy tv shows. For some reason, she thinks its relevant to mention that. She played damath and chess on her primary school years. She won games and was sent to other schools to compete. This has turned out to be completely and utterly useless. Now, she's writing about herself in the 3rd person. What's up with that?! LoL! Peace out!