Up and Spread

Saw 2 movies today. One's a so-so movie and one I'm really excited about seeing since last year. Finally saw it today. I remember seeing the teaser with all the balloons so I fretted, "I must see it!!"

Up is about an old man fulfilling his life long promise to his late wife and went to the adventure of his life. With a little help from a giant colorful bird, a talking dog and an eager, sometimes annoying but really adorable kid.

I love this movie coz it reminds me of when I was a kid. I wish I was a kid again. :D

The second movie.. I'm getting bored just typing this. LoL! No, just kidding. But honestly? It's a boring movie. A bad copy of Hors de Prix. A movie which I really liked and enjoyed. So I feel bad about this one.

Okay basics of the movie. Ashton's character is supposedly this stud walking around LA preying on single, lonely women for money and a place to stay. He's practically a manwhore. He then meet a girl with the same moves as him and it turned out, she's just like him.

Well, its not a great movie so save your time and you can skip this one. But if you have time to kill, see Ashton Kutcher's ass. And who hasn't, right?? :))
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