Apple iPhone 5SE Price in the Philippines

After months of speculation, leaks and behind the scenes muttering, the iPhone SE is now official. And as we ALL expected, it is a 4in iPhone just like the ones we used to use just a couple of years ago before Apple got all crazy and started releasing Android-sized phones.

Steve Jobs always maintained that a 4in display was perfectly adequate for a smartphone. Then phablets happened and people started using their phones differently, necessitating the need for larger displays. Nevertheless, plenty of people miss the old form factor and have, according to some research firms, held off updating from the iPhone 5s to newer models because they feel the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and upcoming iPhone 7 are too big.

The iPhone 5s is still hugely popular. Anecdotally, I know at least four people that are still using the device. But the data backs this sentiment up to: the iPhone 5s, as of March 2016, was the second most popular handset next to Apple’s iPhone 6 which is the company’s biggest adoption driver.

iPhone SE Specs
4in 1136 x 640 display
2GB of RAM
16GB/64GB storage
12MP rear/ 1.2MP front

It has 2GB of RAM, the same 12MP camera, the same A9 CPU and full TouchID support as standard. We’re not 100% on what size the battery is just yet but Apple is quoting 13 hours of usage time. Still, Apple has done exactly what people expected of it: made a moderately powerful iPhone. It has cut a lot of corners, though, with things like TouchID, the display, the front facing camera and the overall design and finish. If you're fine with that, great.

iPhone SE Camera
The big news here, though, really, is the camera inside the iPhone SE because it is the same at the one found inside the iPhone 6s. That is HUGE because not only are you getting one of the best point and shoot cameras around, but you’re also getting it at a vastly reduced price for a starter model.

FYI -- iPhone 5s Cases Fit iPhone SE
Just a little note, dear readers, that if you're considering picking up a brand new iPhone SE, the 4in smartphone will fit inside existing iPhone 5S cases. Handy to know, right? This snippet of info means if you're a long-term Apple fan who already has old iPhone 5S cases knocking about you can happily pop your new device into whatever is already at hand!

The new iPhone 5SE will have an asking price of $399 for the 16GB variant and $499 for the 64GB model when it becomes available in store shelves. It will be released on March 31 and will be available in the Philippines this May 2016.
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