Hansel and Gretel

I can't believe I was tricked into seeing this movie just because it looks very fairytale-like. I mean the color is just very bright. I almost thought this is a happy movie. But I've been wrong too many times before. This is one of them. I don't have anything against the movie. I just don't do scary stuff. The world is scary enough you know. So okay.. enough with my babbling. On to the movie..

Hansel and Gretel revolves around these children living in the middle of nowhere deep, deep in the woods. When a man got lost in their world and he found out there no way out of the woods.

My movie review: Okay, aside from I-got-scared-I-didn't-watched-the-movie (ya ya I'm a wuss, I admit) I just focused on the color and the brilliance of the cinematography. It actually looks like a bright Tim Burton movie.
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