LG Tweet and Win promo

Don’t wait for Santa!

On December 1, 2014 Monday, simply tell us which LG G3 phone you want for Christmas!#LGG3BeatPH?  OR  #LGG3StylusPH?

Tweet the official hashtag of the G3 phone of your choice and get a chance to win it!

Or if you want them both, then send SEPARATE tweets for the 2 hashtags. And tweet as many as you want to increase chances of winning!


1. Log in to your Twitter account, follow @LGPhilippines, and complete the sentence below:

“@LGPhilippines I want #LGG3BeatPH for Christmas because _______________”

“@LGPhilippines I want #LGG3StylusPH for Christmas because _______________”

2. Include hashtag of the LG G3 smartphone you want in your tweet and tag @LGPhilippines.

NOTE: Use one (1) hashtag only per tweet.

Sample Entries:

 “@LGPhilippines I want #LGG3BeatPH for Christmas because of its compact design for better grip”

“@LGPhilippines I want #LGG3StylusPH for Christmas because of its stylus pen & premium design”

Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants may send their entries on December 1, 2014. Entries before or after the promo date will be considered invalid.

2. Only tweet entries that include the hashtags #LGG3BeatPH and #LGG3StylusPH tag @LGPhilippines will be considered valid.

3. 1 tweet must only contain 1 hashtag. 2 hashtags in 1 tweet will be considered null.

4. Participants may send multiple entries to increase chances of winning as long as each entry is unique to avoid spamming.

5. The winning entry will be chosen at random via random.org

6. Announcement of winner will be made three business days after the end of the promo through the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of LG Philippines.

7. There will be two (2) winners: LG G3 Beat winner and LG G3 Stylus winner
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