Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt!

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So imagine this. You are on a scavenger hunt (like on Amazing Race) on a discover landmarks of L.A. and find hidden clues. You and one of your friend would embark on your adventure in a sleek high tech, yet user friendly vehicle. And what do you get? The experience and wait for it.. and meet a Hollywood celebrity!
Contestants started off at the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round where the teams had to use cubes to answer trivia questions then they had to visit Amoeba Records and find a hidden Christina Milian CD. I think this would be the most difficult challenge because have you ever been to Amoeba Records?? It's HUGE!  After they found the Christina Milian CD, they drove over to Rodeo drive where they had to count the exact number of palm tress, and then to grab a bite at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs to find their next clue and then their last stop was the Roosevelt Hotel where they met Christina! 
As a treasure hunt/scavenger hunt enthusiast, I am very jealous with what the contestants get to do. Running around town with a sleek stylish car. Not just just sleek, its loaded with cool features. The 2012 Rio have it all. Bluetooth, USB Jack, Navigation, Rear Camera Display and the In-Car Infotainment System with Advanced Voice and Touch-Activated features of the UVO Technology powered by Microsoft. Check out the Rio Explorer Page for more swanky deets. I appreciate cars that has USB Jacks because my media player charges via USB port, so that would be handy and it plays my music while its there too. The USB jack is my most favorite feature in the Kia Rio.
I would have love to meet Christiana Milian. Who'd you wanna meet?

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