Philippines' Most Googled Words for 2010

Google just released Google Zeitgeist for 2010. It is the compilation of billions of search queries people typed into Google this year.

The Philippines' most googled words for 2010 includes the new president Noynoy Aquino, Venus Raj, and Filipino international singing sensation, Charice with the lyrics of her song "Pyramid" which was topped by jejemon and ipad. According to Google, the most search news is the 2010 election result which includes the Miss Universe 2010 and the Manny Pacquiao fight. Here are the rest of what the Pinoys are fond of looking in the internet.

Most searched words:
1. jejemon
2. ipad
3. pyramid lyrics
4. facebook emoticons
5. justin bieber
6. plants vs zombies
7. glee
8. tumblr
9. crossfire
10. google chrome download

Most searched people:
1. jason ivler
2. barbie forteza
3. noynoy aquino
4. justin bieber
5. jang geun suk
6. anne curtis
7. sam pinto
8. charice
9. enchong dee
10. kris aquino

Most searched news:
1. 2010 election result
2. barangay election
3. miss universe 2010
4. pacquiao clottey
5. venus raj
6. aquino iii
7. jason ivler
8. gibo
9. anne curtis
10. liberal party

Most searched local travel destinations:
1. cebu
2. boracay
3. bohol
4. puerto galera
5. camarines sur
6. davao
7. anawangin cove
8. puerto princesa
9. batangas
10. villa escudero

Most searched local artists:
1. charice pempengco
2. sarah geronimo
3. jovit baldivino
4. mocha uson
5. francis magalona
6. elmo magalona
7. lea salonga
8. up dharma down
9. carol banawa
10. urbandub

And just for the heck of it I included the most popular "how to" searches in Google. :D 

How to:
1. hack facebook account
2. make a website
3. download videos from youtube
4. make a resume
5. edit pictures
6. get pregnant
7. lose weight
8. gain weight
9. play dota
10. play poker

How to get pregnant?! &*%?! Really?? o_O
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zhequia said...

omg! i had the exact reaction?! how to get pregnant?! and who in this earth is jason ivler?

Febbe said...

i know right?

i have no idea. google it! :D:P

Cebu Events said...

this data will be useful in case you want get more traffic from search engines.

yh said...

.@zequia, obviously, you aren't watching news that's why you're not updated with jason ivler!